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About For PC

Although there are many computer-based motorbike skill games, we have not yet found one that combines motorbike abilities with the electrifying racesagainst computers. That was until Mad Skill Motocross was released.

Adrenaline at 100%

Mad Skills Motocross allows the user to control a motorcycle in amazing races taking place around the world. Motocross is a great sport and will require you to handle a variety of challenges as well as perform acrobatic jumps in order to finish first.

Bonuses for acrobatic leaps

Mad Skills Motocross adds more excitement to the game by allowing you to do all sorts of tricks to increase your speed and allow for impossible jumps ,...

On the contrary, allows you to select from three controls.

  • Gamepad
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard

Now you are aware that you can play a motorcycle game unlike any other. All you have to do is download Mad Skills Motocross.