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Macaw is an a Great open-source sequencer That has a strong appeal. synthesizer It accepts many different types of plug-ins, MIDI devices And VST plug-ins.
This program has a very simple interface. Mature Development phase, and it works well To compose and play live music .

You can expect everything from it Professional Synthesizer: Instrument Sample and sound editors for a variety of applications Sequencer That controls both the tracks and clips that are used to make songs.

There are many things to do in the program. small details That makes it possible Big Like the presence an icon that shows us what it is, Use of the CPU So that our computer does not block live music. This is a very hard task due to the difficulty of the Low amount of resources This program is used.

The amazing thing about the number of Plug-ins for VST and Instrument Sampler benches This program is supported. These tracks are available for download. exported These are the most popular audio formats even in Compressed Formats and of course those most commonly used in the extensive open source community.

This article is about Interesting And Lightweight , Open source sequencer to fill your computer with the finest music notes.