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About For PC

Instant messaging is undoubtedly one of the most important inventions in our age. How would you survive without Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp? Recall your old SMS messages. Resurrect old phone calls We're not having that. It's much simpler to quickly exchange text messages and photos, videos, documents, or locations from any mobile device, Android or iPhone.

You can use your mobile phone, as well as the Windows PC, Linux, or macOS desktop to access them. As of recently, every messaging and chat application has their own version for Windows. Are you still searching for WhatsApp for PC in the past? It was a long time ago that an app similar to WhatsApp for PC was available. This was thanks to the APK file that was installed on Windows. LINE is a chat and instant messaging application. It offers all the features you would expect in a software program of its kind (messages as well as videos, audio notes and photos, free calling, etc. This application also offers interesting and new features that are only found in it.

Main features

You can download LINE to your PC by clicking the Download button. This will take you away from the Windows Store or official site. The version in Microsoft's store is only compatible with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. After you have installed it, you will be able make use of the following features:

  • You can send images, documents, audio and videos to all your contacts.
  • Group chat and file sharing
  • You can make free video and voice calls to other users.
  • Participate in group video chats with as many as 200 users simultaneously
  • More than 10,000 emoticons and stickers to make your message more expressive. You can purchase additional packs, although many of the stickers are available for free.
  • To keep up-to-date with all the news, follow the Twitter accounts of celebrities, athletes, and television shows.
  • You get a Facebook-inspired Timeline in which you can upload all of your statuses, photos, and stories that friends can view and like.
  • Use the Keep Function to keep all important messages and files that you do not want to lose, or you are certain you will need in the future.
  • You can make new friends with QR codes or your unique ID. Or, simply shake your phone when you are near one of your contacts.
  • You can also download it as a standalone app.
  • It also includes its own online payment system, Line Pay.

Who developed LINE?

It is not the same story we hear about the origins of instant messaging. We're not talking here about young college students who come up with an idea and then decide to invest all of their savings in it. LINE is not a result of the March 2011 earthquake in Japan. This caused the disruption of traditional telephone services.

To achieve this purpose, workers at Naver Japan, South Korea's main Internet portal, created the app. It was then released to an even wider audience in just two months. Now six years later, there are over 700,000,000 users around the globe, primarily from Japan, Thailand and Indonesia.

Which is better: Line, WhatsApp and WeChat

Let's face it, do you have any friends who use LINE and WeChat? Perhaps a friend is trying to get you to switch to Telegram. He thinks it's funny to tell everyone that he has had enough with Facebook and WhatsApp. But the fact is, these apps are not used outside of a very small number of Asian countries. You might not have heard of this app, or maybe you only knew WeChat through the remarkable performance by Leo Messi. If it comes down to picking one, then our choice is easy.

But that does not mean they are inferior to current instant messaging king, Zuckerberg. This Japanese app may be more comprehensive than Zuckerberg's latest toy, particularly in the desktop version. It has the option to use funny stickers rather than boring emoticons and emojis, as well as the ability to follow celebrities or artists, just like Twitter. This adds value. This is all without forgetting the fact that many functions WhatsApp offers as groundbreaking features have been available on , LINE before.

What is new in this latest version?

  • This app fixes bugs and improves its stability.