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LabChirp can generate sounds. It allows you to use them as background music or part of a game's setting.

These are the features

  • Multiple channels supported. Support for up to 8 channels. You can copy settings between them to make complex sounds.
  • Include Modulation Controls for Vibrato and Tremolo.
  • To give your sound shape, use envelopes
  • Create your custom waveforms or apply any of the standard waveforms (sinus.triangular.sawtooth.square,noise.)
  • Use the "Randomizer" function to generate random sound.

Make your sounds

LabChirp is able to generate all sorts of tones just like a synthesizer. Its handling is actually very similar to synthesizers. Choose the waveform you wish to use. It should have a frequency, volume and frequency, along with the frequency, amplitude, and frequency of the modulation.

There are two windows that allow to view both the waveform and the envelope. Although it is useful for visual references, your ears will not be able value every sound correctly. When it comes to audio, your ears should be more important than your sight .

You can download LabChirp free of cost. This is a versatile sound generator you should have on your computer.