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About For PC

Although sagas such as FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer dominate the field of Soccer video games for PC there are many titles that are less ambitious but just as interesting. These will delight fans.

Kopanito all-Stars soccer refers to a game of football in which rules that you know up until now no longer apply: There are no offsides , fouls or referees . To win the match, you only need to score more goals than your opponent.

Six vs six matches can be played, including in leagues, cups and international tournaments. You shouldn't expect game graphics and game physics to match FIFA or PES. Kopanito offers wild, fun football.

All the services offered by Kopanito All-Stars soccer

  • Cartoon-style football game with no refs or rules.
  • More than 100 teams and 16 tournaments. 600 players are guaranteed to have an amazing time.
  • Each team has six players, and each player is a unique footballer.
  • There are many tournaments, from regular leagues of up to 32 teams to national competitions.
  • Show off your pitching skills with all types of fantasy moves.
  • You can use special techniques to regain possession of the ball, like giant magnets or teleport devices.
  • Multiplayer local mode for up to 5 players. They can all play on one PC with the configuration they choose.
  • There are four levels of difficulty that can be used to improve the machine's artificial Intelligence.
  • To unlock achievement and rise to the top in the world rankings, win matches and tournaments.