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Over the years, manga and anime, also known as Japanese cartoons and comics, has provided amazing stories. A new type of game, interactive graphic novel, was created as a result of this. It is similar to Katawa Shoujo.

Another story

Katawa Shoujo has an interactive graphic novel format. The player must read and interpret the story. At certain moments , he/she must take a decision which will directly impact the storyline or other characters.

These graphics for Katawa Shoujo are striking because of their incredible detail and beauty. They clearly draw inspiration from the Manga style drawing style, even though they were created by programmers, developers and artists all around the globe.

Katawa Shoujo's storyline can be quite striking for many users. The story is set in an environment that has been specifically adapted to children with severe illnesses and takes into consideration how they interact.

Download Katawa Shoujo if manga and anime are your favorites or you just want to find a completely different game.