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AuthorRoo Joey
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About For PC

We may not be able to add sound to our audiovisual projects because the sounds we require are either protected under copyright laws, or they don't exactly exist as we wish. It's then time to get a program such as Kangas Sounds Editor to help you create your own sound effects and music.

Music composition is based upon sound frequency ratios

Kangas Sound Editor is an free music-creation tool that uses a frequency system instead of traditional music notation. The integrated database stores the compositions as well as all data related to the harmonic tones, and graphics to represent them. A cell-based interface allows for control. It describes each instrument, sound, or chord, and places them on a timeline.

These are the features

  • Music and sound effects tool that are based upon frequency ratios.
  • An integrated database that stores compositions and harmonics to build melodic instruments , as well as anti-harmonics to percussion instruments.
  • Cell-based control system enabled with drag and drop functionality
  • Possibility of importing and exporting compositions in XML format.
  • WAV as audio output format.

Kangas Sound editor lets you create your own music for your projects.