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About For PC

Clic was created by educators in 1992 to help them teach concepts to students. JClic is a derivative of Clic. This app can be used to help students assimilate concepts. It allows for the creation of puzzles, word association, and text exercises. And because it is Java-based, we can export these activities to any device or web.

Teachers will find this useful.

The program provides teachers with a number of simple-to-use tools to create multimedia educational apps. This program is designed for students at different levels of primary and secondary education and contains four applications.

  • Applet allows you embed created exercises in a webpage.
  • Player allows you to directly access the activities from your computer's hard disk without having to connect to the Internet.
  • Author is the primary tool that allows you to edit and publish your activities.
  • Reports which compiles data and creates reports based upon the student's performance in each exercise.

It is possible to create many activities, including crosswords and simple or complex associations and text exercises . All of these can be exported as HTLM5 files so they can all be accessed online at any time and from any place.

Clic's main features

The following features are included in the creation of activities:

  • You can use customizable skins.
  • Graphics can be used in BMP or GIF formats.
  • Multimedia support in WAV and MP3, AVI, MPEGs, QuickTime, Flash and GIF formats.
  • Sound events.
  • Waveform generators.
  • Data saved in XML format

Access to the database containing projects and activity packs can also be obtained from the project's webpage. These are searchable using different criteria. These are contributions from the authors who have shared the resources with the community.

It also provides a guide for sharing the created projects, which are all under Creative Commons licensing so they can freely be used at schools or other educational institutions.

What's New in the Latest Version

  • Flatpak support added
  • Included the VSCode configuration