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AuthorRichard Christophe
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About For PC

Jalmus teaches music, and enables you to increase your score reading ability. Learn all you need to interpret musical compositions and improve your music notation skills.

You will also find guides to help you purchase musical instruments. Jalmus was designed for pianists, but anybody interested in learning solfa will be able to benefit from it.


Jalmus has a variety of interactive exercises to help you recognize notes and synchronize their interpretation to the beat of the music.

  • Use to read each note and its symbol with the appropriate key on a keyboard.
  • Rhythm Reading: Use music notation that is based on melodies and rhythms.

Additional features for Java Windows

  • Java-based software development.
  • You can complete the exercises using a keyboard or mouse, as well as MIDI controllers.
  • This package includes 15 lectures on the basics and several instruments.

Get Jalmus free of charge and soon you will be an professional musician.