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Impro-Visor for PC

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AuthorRobert Kellerd & Harvey Mudd College
Size304 MB


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About For PC

Improvisor is a great tool for musicians. This music notation software has been designed with Jazz musicians in Mind. It helps them compose and structure solos that are worth real improvisation .

Improvisor can perform many other functions. It can also be used as an music notation and transcription tool. There is even a function to perform improv on its own in the process of composing and playing music.

These are the features

  • Perform musical improvisation naturally
  • It was originally designed for Jazz musicians but can also be used to support any music style.
  • Music note transcribing tools.
  • Can it improvise by itself?
  • Included is a Plain Text Editor.
  • Shows whether notes are consonant/dissonant when used with chords or scales that use color legends.
  • You can create new accompaniment styles by using MIDI files.
  • Automately play solos from the computer and add rhythmic accompaniment.
  • You can play any portion of the score as a loop.
  • Export songs to MIDI and MusicXML.
  • You can open as many windows as you like with melodyes and create your own composition.
  • You can download many different examples of melodies online.

You were waiting for the help you needed

The program has a wide variety of features that make it ideal for musicians and anyone who is interested in the field. It is also not intrusive. The program uses its own suggestions to help clarify composition and explore new ways . This allows the user to move beyond simple score reading.

Get Improvisor free of cost and enhance the quality your music compositions.