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It can really be frustrating to lose data on external drives, SD cards or USB sticks. Even though these devices can be foolproof, information may sometimes get lost if they aren't properly maintained. H2testw, a very simple tool, doesn't need to be installed and allows us check the integrity of our storage devices in order to identify any problems. The software will fix any issues found so we can continue using the device as safe as possible.

It is easy to understand. Simply connect the storage device you wish to test to your computer, and run HTML2testw. To begin the check, select the unit you want to analyze and go down to the interface's bottom to find the Verify button. It basically writes data to a volume, and then it reads them. It will report any discrepancies between writing and reading.

The main features of H2testw

  • The program doesn't overwrite or delete any information already saved.
  • It can be run without administrator permissions.
  • It can be used to identify specific problems with data transmission.

If you have suspicions that your unit has been compromised, you can empty it and use this program to analyze the contents. A test can only be done if it is empty. The size of each unit and its type will affect the time it takes to analyse them. An internal hard drive is not as time-consuming to analyze than an SD card.