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About For PC

A tuner is necessary for string instruments to sound as natural as possible. Professionals and amateurs of the string instruments, such as basses, guitars, and others, need to ensure their instruments remain in tune. This is why an app like Guitar Tuner can be used without any Internet access. It's much easier than online versions and offers more comfort.

It's a PC software application that is capable of tuning string instruments in several open-tunings.Download Guitar Tuner and you'll be able to tune guitars, basses, mandolins, violins, ukeleles, banjos...

Main features

  • String instrument tuner.
  • Play tones and train your musical memory.
  • You can create custom tunings with the Chromatic Keyboard
  • Instruments are chromatically tuned using the keyboard and not open-tunings.

This is how the guitar tuner works

Guitar Tuner creates strings that you can use as reference for tuning your instrument. Your instruments can be set up in just a few seconds.

Some people don't have the ability to hear and tune guitars. If you are one of these people, don't restrict yourself to using guitar tuner to tune your instrument. The software can also be used as a tone memory tool and thus, will allow you to use your musical memory.

This program can be very helpful if you have a nearby computer, but what about if your PC is not available? There are many other Android tuners that you can download to your smartphone. To combine this app with Guitar Tuner GuitarTuna, you can easily download Guitar Tuner GuitarTuna to your tablet or smartphone.