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You will need to use specialized hardware to maximize your computer's potential. GBoost can increase the computer's speed and optimize how games run with a faster response time.

GBoost removes unnecessary tasks and processes while you are playing, allowing the computer's CPU to be used for , RAM, and Internet connections. To launch the action , you just need to push the button. You will then see the browser closing any unneeded applications and increasing memory so you can enjoy your game. This tool can prevent random freezing .

To play video games, optimize your computer

You can undo this change by accessing the " press to restore" menu option from within the program. They are temporary changes which do not affect the integrity of the computer or the operation system.

The advanced mode also includes the ability to select programs and tasks to be closed manually. You will see four indicators that inform you of how much processor and memory are being used, as well as the number of open processes. An speed dial indicates free resources.

GBoost is a free tool that offers immediate solutions to your problem if you are a serious player.