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VersionPro 2.0.5
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All who want to learn how to mix like a DJ must start at the beginning. The best way to achieve this is by using programs that are simple. FutureDecks allows you to mix whatever music you like using an intuitive interface. It also includes all the options you need to get started in the remixing world.

You can become a DJ professional at home

FutureDecksLite offers two channels that can be mixed, as well as separate outputs for the master, the headphones and, of course, the crossover for each output. It also has an three-band equalizer, gain and eight effects that you can add to the music. It is also possible to attach an external controller, making controlling a lot simpler. Some don't require any setup, such as the Behringer BCD2000/3000 or M-AudioXponent, Vestax, Vestax, Vestax, Vestax, Vestax, Vestax, Vestax, Vestax, and Reloop DJ IE2 and Vestax. It supports both timecoded vinyls/CDs and simultaneous mixing.

It allows to record any session so we can recall it and share it with others . We will also support the iTunes library . However, we'll always be able to browse through our hard drives to find the songs we want.