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AuthorThe Game Creators Ltd.
VersionClassic 1.20
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About For PC

FPS Creator is a great tool for first-person shooters like Quake, Counter-Strike, Doom and Counter-Strike.

A 3D FPS video game editor

This open-source environment for creating FPS games is now everyone can become a developer. Who knows? Maybe they will produce the next Half-Life and Battlefield. The application makes it easy to make games, with lots of components already pre-built.

Drag and drop is all it takes to create levels for our favorite action game: windows, doors (ammo), staircases, lifts etc.

Add any textures to modify lighting, create corridors, and change the lighting in order to shape the screen of your video game.

FPS Creator allows you to create the most action-packed game possible

We couldn't leave FPS without configuring our enemy, which is the main element. The bad guys can be placed wherever they want, and we can provide artificial intelligence to make it easier or harder. It won't matter how ridiculous your enemies are.

After you have created your game, you can examine the generated settings to see how they look . You can also find flaws or bugs and experience the full action of your first game.