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It is common to pack folders with a lot of files. You may lose your sense of organization in the folders. Instead, you can use them as a storage space until you are able to sort through their contents.

FolderAxe is a free tool that will help you organize all of your folders. To keep your folders organized , you can split the content of each folder into separate subfolders. Folder Assist will help you organize everything in a single folder.

Folder Axe allows you to split the folder contents into different subfolders based on three criteria.

  • File size
  • Maximum number of files in each folder
  • The file's name.

After you've created the new structure, FolderAxe will automatically create new folders within the folder you wish to order. There's no limit to. FolderAxe can process everything.

Manics are your best friends

Don't waste time organizing your folders. This task can be made easier with FolderAxe. Increase speed and agility by breaking down large folders into smaller, more manageable folders. This process is fast and easy, and it's perfect for establishing order among the chaos. Get Folder Axe for free