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VersionFruity Loops
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About For PC

For songwriters, musicians and anyone else interested in music creation there are many programs. It's available for different platforms: classic platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux or even the latest generation of mobile phones such as Android and iOS.

Most people have heard of Cubase and Pro Tools, as well as Virtual DJ. But FL Studio is also popularly known under the name Fruity Loops. This program is the most powerful to create, arrange, edit, remix, and master music professionally.

This program's full version includes all the functions necessary to allow this multitrack, pattern-based sequencer create many different rhythms and sounds. You can insert music notes into the program's piano roll or external MIDI controllers, which allow you to edit and play them later.

Fruity Loops' main features

Fruity Loops is a digital audio production system that includes many functions and tools. You can view it below.

  • Audio sequencer that uses steps
  • You can record multiple tracks, including vocals and musical instruments.
  • Multi-tool audio editing: harmonization, pitch shifting and pitch correction.
  • You can automate many aspects of the software or the synthesizer's settings.
  • You can use Fruity Loops either as a VST or via Rewire in any DAW.
  • Perform live, including effects and video.
  • There are many effects available: delay, reverb and filters.
  • Include support for VST and DX plug-ins, as well as FL Native (the format of the program)
  • Compatible with ASIO, WDM and WDM controllers
  • You can export your music in MP3, WAV, OGG or MIDI formats.

Its main interface contains 5 different windows.

  • Step Sequecer: Allows us to create patterns and short musical parts.
  • Piano Roll: The track is arranged in two dimensions, indicating the pitch or note and length by using two axes (vertical & horizontal).
  • Playlist - Here you'll find different samples or patterns that can be used to create the song.
  • Mixer - This tool allows you to adjust the level of your audio, create effects and record audio inputs.
  • Sample browsingr: From here you can quickly access the program's presets, plug-ins and samples.

It also contains more than a dozen plugssuch instrument simulators, synthesizers and keyboards ...), segmentation... You can purchase more plug-ins, as well as support for standards like VST, VST2, VST3, Buzz and Rewire.

Modular DAWs: Only use the features you require

You'd be well aware that programs that are designed to assist in computer-aided compositions often come with interfaces and workspaces that we rarely use. FL is built under the modular concept. This allows the user to use only the components and functions he needs. The program's many versions make it a flexible tool that can be adapted to almost all users. So the Fruity Loops best will depend on what each user is trying to accomplish.

If you are looking for an reliable and powerful DAW, you will find it here.

What's New in the Latest Version

  • Introduces Novation FLkey 37 y FLkey Mini keyboards.