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Electronic Arts' long-running FIFA series, EA Sports' games division, is still in very good health. FIFA 22 is the latest installment of the best soccer simulator. It has been enhanced for the 2021-2022 season by enhancements in the simulator which affect graphics and gameplay as well as the squads from all teams.

FIFA needs no introduction. With the exception of PES it is today's most widely played soccer videogame. It has over a million players all around the globe. It offers a unique game experience, a simulator that's difficult to beat, a graphics quality that is always improving, and the incentive of having all official soccer squads. (A great advantage over Pro Evolution Soccer from Konami), or any of the major national and international competitions.

FIFA 22: What's New

It is well-known what EA Sports' historical soccer virtues are. What makes the EA Sports soccer game unique for 2021-2022 and what has been done to improve it? Below is more information about the project:

  • VOLTA ARCAD is now included. This new online game allows you to have fun with your friends and play games beyond just soccer. It will now be possible to play online soccer-tennis and dodgeball as well as lava disc, quickshot, elimination wall, team round, and lava disk from launch.
  • The VOLTA soccer mode allows soccer to return to its roots and most pure essence, the street. Soccer matches are now possible on the streets, since this is the place where most of the greatest soccer players have learned before moving to grass. The soccer player adapts well to the environment, using animations and techniques. We will also be able to use new settings and situations that take it around the globe. You can customize your players (both their physical appearances and celebrations) here. This game mode includes story mode and quick matches. In Spanish, Ibai Llanos will also be narrating the matches.
  • This new lobby features additional templates and allows friends to create space together. Each guest will be able to see the changes made by the players and their appearances in real-time.
  • Mode4 against 4 online to play smaller matches of 4 against 4. Each player can join or create his own team with 3 friends.
  • The Career mode of FIFA22 offers the possibility to personalize your stadium.
  • A new system for goalkeepers makes it easier to save more and make better decisions.
  • Each movement of the ball seems to be real.
  • The explosive sprint is a new gameplay feature. To increase defense and dribbling control, the player can decide whether to accelerate to full speed as he approaches his opponent.
  • FUT Champions and Division Rivals have been redesigned. There are now more options for customization available to the player than ever, on and off-the field.
  • You can play with some of the greatest soccer players of all time when you join Heroes of FUT.

FIFA 22: Versions and prices

You can purchase the game in or 2 versions with different prices.

  • FIFA 2022 Standard Edition: $59,99EUR
  • FIFA 2022: FIFA 2022 Definitive edition: 79.99 EUR/year