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AuthorFar Group
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About For PC

You may still be using the console for certain tasks, but Far manager will make your life easier. It is an file manger that runs from the Windows command prompt. You can move, copy, delete, launch, edit, and launch files directly from the console. It has an interface very similar to Windows Explorer, or any other GUI-based file manager we are familiar with.

Text-mode file manager

All keyboard shortcuts have been clearly indicated so we are able to quickly get familiar with them. Far Manager is compressed in a 7zip zip file. Once decompressed, Far Manager will launch without problems because it does not require installation.

Far Manager is also possible to be enhanced by plugins. The large number of plug-ins we will be able find makes it an even more powerful file manager than those that use a GUI as their general interface. These plug-ins can include, but are not limited to, tag manager for MP3 files, FTP connections, and games.