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Facebook is the most popular social networking globally. Because it is so universally used, it has the highest growth rate of all communication channels. It also integrates with chat to make conversations very easy. This plug-in allows you to link to one of the most used instant messengers, Facebook chat for Pidgin.

This social network allows you to chat

While the Facebook tab has become a standard element of browsers, it's actually much more convenient to manage the chat with separate software. This allows us to have the conversation window independent from the browser. This is why the Facebook chat for Pidgin plugin lets the famous instant messaging client add Facebook on all networks compatible with (such as Live and Gtalk), MySpace, Yahoo .

Pidgin will allow us to centralize all communications via chat. We can simply select the accounts we wish to connect to and have instant access to all of our contacts, regardless of their system. All of this can be done from Pidgin.