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Electronic Piano for PC

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AuthorMaurĂ­cio Antunes Oliveira
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About For PC

There are many software programs that teach you how to use the piano. However, most of them are not professional. If we are looking to learn to play, we need Electric Piano. This program can play over 140 musical instruments.

You can play the piano from your computer

Although this software is not intended to be used for professional purposes, neither the interface nor the options are designed for such. However, it can still be used to teach you how to play the piano, and to help you begin your journey in music composition. The electronic piano allows you to take notes and simulate a trumpet or horn using MIDI .

It's also possible to set keys up as notes. This allows the user to make and share songs with more detail, including up to seven sounds. It is easy-to-use and simple to use. This tool can be used by both children and adults learning how to play musical instruments.