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Teachers can find their lives a bit chaotic. Teachers can face a lot of challenges, including teaching countless subjects to children and completing countless tasks. It is important to plan in order not to get lost. Teachers with organizational problems or teachers who don't want to let anything go can make use of this tool called Educamos to increase their productivity . Online educational planning is now available.

To grant teachers access, each school must register on the platform. Educamos allows teachers to organise themselves by using a variety of options once they have signed in.

  • You can schedule classes.
  • Register.
  • Make a plan.
  • Get customized information for students.

How can Educamos help teachers?

It is updated and synced immediately so that all information can be organized on both Windows and your mobile devices. To avoid getting lost in the many classes and to make sure you have all of your special materials at hand, create timetables.

You can also create, edit, or delete tasks. This program allows you to include notes and send private messages to your students. You can organize your meeting schedule, choose colors for different appointments and maintain an up-to-date agenda. You can also take the register to monitor different events and incidents at school. (e.g. all the homework that was eaten by dogs), and you can make comments and access personal information.