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AuthorAmar Guerfi
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About For PC

Musical dictations are a great exercise for beginners and students in the first course of music theory. They can be used to help identify and develop your hearing, and help you improve aural memories. Ear & Memory Training is a program that helps you improve your listening and musical memory . The application will allow the musician to identify each notedue its sonority after a continuous training session.

Modules available

  • Music Dictation. The application will play the melody in much the same way as dictations at a Music Conservatory. You will need to identify each note by clicking on either the piano or guitar key. Each correct answer will earn you points which will enable you to increase the difficulty.
  • Aural Memory. In this instance, it uses which is a similar game to Simon Says in order to assess and improve its aural memory. The sequence of notes you hear must be reproduced in the correct order.