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About For PC

All audiophiles who love high-quality sound are familiar with Dolby. You can find it in most movie theatres , allowing you to experience a rich environment of surround sounds. This application is free to download so that you can enjoy the movie at your own home.

Dolby is at your home!

This application allows us to configure our computer so that Dolby Atmos can be enabled. We are able to experience 3D surround sound for both movies and games. We can use this application with both headphones or external audio via HDMI if we have Windows 10 and an Xbox One.

DolbyAccess lets us use it free of charge for 30 days. After that, we will have to pay $15 for continued access. The decision by Microsoft is controversial. Users don't like the idea of having to pay for an implementation that is already in place but which is not active when you install your operating system. It's up you to decide if it is worth paying for this amazing sound system or continuing with the default system that's installed on your PC/console. Here's an overview of the potential benefits you might be missing:

  • You can now enjoy Dolby Atmos on your console or PC.
  • You can configure both external and headphones with Dolby sound support.
  • Gaming experience with greater realism
  • Immersive viewing of movies can lead to greater immersion.
  • This option should not have been charged by Microsoft.