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Many programs don't permit recording, and there are broadcasts that can be difficult to tune into. However, they reach the speakers. Direct M3 Recorder captures the audio signal, converts it to MP3, and then records the program.

The interface of this program is very simple. It is also possible to program recordings. You can either use the programr or rely on the audio signal to ensure that you are recording exactly what you want.

Record the sound from your speakers

It is extremely useful for recording LPs, as it allows you to plug the player into the input connector of your computer and to capture the sound before it gets to the speakers.

The Direct MP3 Recorder accurately manages the signal. It adapts to these changes and stabilizes and enhances its quality, before it is converted to MP3.

We must select the soundcard from which the program will capture the audio signal. The signal should be the same one that will reach our speakers.