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Digital Janitor makes it easy to keep all your files organized. Are you one of the people who thinks that organizing files is unnecessary and not important? But there comes a time when you need help to manage all the chaos.

The tool can send files to the appropriate folders using a list of rules you specify . You can specify the rules by using file extensions, keywords, or size.

You can organize your folders and files according to various criteria

will indicate that you want your MP3 files to be moved to your music folders, and your JPG files to go to the image folder. Digital Janitor is a tool that automates this process.

The Automator will be available to assist you with organizing files according to a common attribute. This is if you are not interested in paying too much attention.

Digital Janitor is able to be set up so it can perform this task automatically. You can set the date and time and save the configuration. Then, you can forget about it. They will move the files to where you've specified. Get Digital Janitor for free. Order files right away from your computer. Just set up rules to clean out all folders.