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Understanding all the components of your computer will enable you to avoid errors and optimize its performance. Knowing that hard drives are the root cause of many problems in computing is essential. CrystalDiskInfo can help us to identify and locate the hard drives we have.

Be aware of the state of your hard drive

After we launch CrystalDiskInfo we will be presented with a variety of data. This includes the interface to the hard drive, its temperature, and the error rate. It also shows the time it's been running. This data can be very helpful in predicting when the hard drive will be unusable, or when it will require to be replaced. It is also very important to have our data saved.

It also includes small utilities that monitor disk status. This allows you to keep your browser open and generate a history which will display a graph of every aspect of our analysis.

It is also compatible with HDD, SSD, and USB-HDD.