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CoffeeCup MP3 Rip & Burn for PC

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AuthorCoffeeCup Software, Inc.
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About For PC

When ripping CDs from our music collection, apart from storing them as backupof their originals on our hard drives, one of our main goals is to make compilations with our favourite songs.

Burn your favourite songs to CDs by ripping your discs

CoffeeCup MP3 rip & Burn can be used to accomplish this task. It uses the same interface to rip CDs and transcode files on the hard drive. We also have access to information over the Internet about the disks. You can burn audio CDs so that you are able to play them with any system.

The program supports most audio formats, including MP3, OGG and APE. It also allows you to access and edit ID3v2 tags. Additionally, it has a utility which will let us create CD covers using the music we've chosen.