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About For PC

Chord and Scale Generator is a great tool for anyone who plays any type of string instrument, such as the guitar, bass, or ukulele. This app will let you learn every possible variation of scales. It will allow you to quickly and easily learn about the chords, scales, and positions of any instrument.

A friend to help you make the most out of your string instruments

Chord scale generator provides all the most common chords to help you practice. It also allows you to create new chords until your list of one hundred chords is complete. You can also search for scales matching the particular chords or melodies.

It can be used for beginners who want to practise the basics of chords, or advanced users who want to master more complicated chords related to Jazz and Blues.

Main features

  • All string instruments are supported: banjo, guitar, mandolins, violins, banjo, and bass.
  • This tool allows you to input new instruments. You can specify their dimensions, features and tuning.
  • Chord Scale Generator allows you to select different notations for a particular chord.
  • All scales are supported and new scales can be created.
  • Allows you to play the sounds.
  • You can personalize the interface of the program.

To practice your instrument, download Chord Scale Generator