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About For PC

CDex can be used to extract audio from CD, encode it and make sure that the results are compatible with portable music players.

To extract audio from any disk, you must use the most advanced software possible to ensure that is lost as minimally as possible. This is because CDex has the highest quality sound codecs.

Software that can rip audio CDs

CDex will load some codecs. If we have any codes pack, the chances of the program having more options are higher. Even if they don't have MP3, HTML2, MP2, WMA, OGG, and AAC available, it will still be MP3, HTML2, MP2, WMA, AAC and AAC.

To obtain data and tags from the discs , you can connect to different Internet databases before converting them. These will be saved in the files later. This will allow us to easily access the discs from all players and help organize our music libraries better.