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Do you want your webcam send images to your email each time it is active? Oder to an FTP server? CamShot allows you to control these actions using your webcam. This program allows you to set up different instructions for your webcam.

Modify the behaviour of your webcam

CamShot can be configured to take photos of objects in front of your computer's camera, for a set amount of time, or to store photos on your computer, FTP server, or email them. There are so many options available!

CamShot is also able to set up an alarm to sound an alert if the camera's image has changed. This will allow us to see if anything changes around the webcam. Each action taken by the program will be saved to a log so it is easily accessible whenever you need.

You can also set up as many guidelines that you want. This will allow us to specify the webcam we wish to use to record, send and save everything.