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About For PC

The long-awaited DAW is now available. The Bitwig Studios is the official name. It looks very much like Ableton Live. It also features a clip view that allows us to sequence tracks. We can also edit and mix audio or MIDI.

Collaboration in music creation

Bitwig Studio has elements no other program offers in this field. allows for great customization and collaboration with users using the Internet. It is compatible with version installed on different platforms, such as Linux or Mac. This music edition and creation software is compatible to the major virtual effects and instrument standards.

Main features

  • An integrated user interface that simplifies the workflow
  • Support for 64-bit and 32-bit VST plugin-ins.
  • Sandbox for the protection of entire projects from possible malfunctions.
  • Possibility to Open Multiple Projects.
  • Multipletrack editing in a single view
  • Unlimited tracks and effects
  • Autoinstallable packages of effects and instruments.
  • View of the interface that can be configured to allow you to use modules for mixing, arrangement, and edition.
  • Many tools and editions for particular tasks.
  • You can import files in MP3, AAC, OGG and WMA formats.

The evolution of the system will be dependent on its users.

Bitwig Studio provides an Open API. This means that all plug-ins can be created by third party. The sequencer is open to all users, so there are endless development and improvement opportunities. Users can also share and modify their own.

Get Bitwig Studio to take your music compositions one step further. You can even bring live collaboration between users into your projects.