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There are many musicians who use it. Sample techniques Have the issue of finding untuned samples. When a melody plays, it can sound out of tune. It is therefore highly recommended to load any sounds on your sampler before you start loading them. Prepare for the sounds With a tool such as AutoTune .
This is a very small utility. Analyzes sound samples It tunes to the note we select, and allows us to modify or change the frequency. Eliminate the DC Normalize or format the files. This entire procedure is done using a simple interface. We'll then be able configure everything.

Because it is a complex process, you will need to apply. Our system uses quite a bit of its resources It's best to not have other processes running while you tune the samples. AutoTune .

You want to ensure that the samples you are using are authentic. Perfectly tuned, ready for launch from a sampler AutoTuner is a free and simple tool.