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About For PC

Ripper and Audio Conversion are the solutions to all the audio formats currently available. The MP3 file format may be the most widely used, but it has many direct rivals due to its quality or the fact they have the backing of large companies and institutions.

Rip your audio CDs

Optodiscs are becoming less popular. Having music in an compatible format is essential to ensure basic quality . A program that can convert as many formats as audio Converter and Ripper are essential for any computer.

Ripper allows us to burn any CD. However, its main feature is being able to convert files from one format to another. Audio converter and Ripper are compatible with HTML3 (including VBR), WMA and WAV, GSM and OGG Vorbis. We will also have more or less access to all audio files currently in use, such as G723, G723, G726, ALAW, ULAW and Raw .

Although the interface may not be very intuitive, it is a must-have for an app that supports so many formats, and allows editing of the ID3 tags.