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This software is amazing. Here's a quick summary of the features. It can record audio from multiple sources. It digitizes cassettes, LPs, and it allows for easy editing, cutting, copying, silence, cropping, and division of audio files. You can import WAV files, AU, AIFF and Ogg Vorbis as well as MPEG, M2 and MP3 files. Then export them to MP3, WAV and MP3 AU or Ogg Vorbis. Audacity Mobile allows you to do all of this with no need for installation.

Portable version of popular editor and audio recorder

Because they do not require installation, portable applications have been one of the most popular trends in computing. They can be stored on an iPod, USB Flash drive or other external storage device and used on any computer. This feature is extremely useful for Audacity Mobile. It allows users to quickly modify any audio file from a computer using a pendrive.

As with all PortableApps applications, audacity Portable has the integration in the application suite. The launcher was also developed by the company. This allows you to store all essential applications on one pendrive.