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AuthorAtomix Productions
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About For PC

AtomixMP3 turned our homes into improvised dancing floors. It was the first application to export the power and flexibility of the professional mixer to our desktop computer.

This is a safe way to make high-quality mixes using low-end computers

This application can still be used by many people even today. It runs on old HTML486 machines, at a minimum speed 400 Mhz, and 64 MB RAM. That makes it perfect to make our audio-mixes using low powered computers such as netbooks, or an old computer we keep in the junkroom.

Although it doesn't require any additional software to work, this application is a powerful and complete mixer. Although it is less powerful than VirtualDJ's successor, this application can still emulate many of the mixers currently available at clubs, pubs, and discos.

AtomixMP3 searches all the music on your hard drive for WAV, HTML3 and . Drag&Drop the selected songs and position them on the turntables. The program will detect and synchronize the BPMs of your songs. There are many effects. You can play with your pitch, and you can save sessions to WAV files.