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In order to fix a problem or obtain driver information, we often require detailed data on a computer component. ASTRA32 and Advanced System Info Tool & Reporting Assistant are excellent tools to obtain this data.

Benchmark your PC

ASTRA32 is not like other similar programs. It doesn't include any extras or utilities. The software analyses the entire system immediately after it's launched in order to provide the user with as many data points as possible. This data can include information such as the type of processor and the identification of the motherboard it was installed on.

While ASTRA32 doesn't show a lot of information, it is useful for many purposes. To be able to select the correct BIOS , it's important that you have all the data available.

We will be able also to know which models were used. This will allow us to have a better idea of the actual specifications. This is something that enthusiast will certainly appreciate.