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Zosi Smart for PC

Live NVR/DVR/IPC viewing on your mobile phone

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AuthorZOSI Technology Co., Ltd

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Poor app, cctv system. It constantly says one user out loud when you access playback. I am the only one using the system! I installed a Swan system to my office unit. It is absolutely amazing.

Push notifications are not available for v3.1.4. This feature is currently enabled in the app. You have checked your phone settings to make sure that notifications are available from the app. Help!

It's great to have Zosi Smart keep an eye at what's happening at my parent home. Sometimes it has a glitch and won't allow me to see the playback.

The app stopped functioning loads, all the way up to 98% and then fails. Not only is my password or username not accepted by DVR so I am basically locked out of any security systems that allows me to view things in real-time but can't review them or rewind. Zosi also doesn't help.

The app is slow as a snail and does not open the camerars. If it does, you will have to pay ages to stopComplete pants.

Tracking protection prevents me from running an app. Blocklist is installed on my smartphone. The app prompts me to verify my network connection as the trackers I use have been blocked.

I am sorry for the last review. My vision is poor so my ideas are not as clear. I have been with Zozi for 12 years and am happy to recommend you to anyone. Thank you for your great product

Great App for quick checking on premises. It is simple and straightforward to use. It has many features that I am yet to explore.

If I'm not connected to my home network, this software will not allow me to connect my Zosi Smart DVR system. It worked fine for many years, but it is no longer working. Your software is a flop. This must be fixed immediately

The app is simple to use and very clear. Although the functions are simple, they provide detailed information. This app is used to manage a 12-camera system for a multifamily home. I have been able prosecute all issues that have arisen. The playback function is excellent and allows you to split the recordings into smaller pieces so that you don't waste time looking at irrelevant events. I will definitely buy from Zosi once again. Remote viewing via the dvr was very reliable and stable.

It is not the same time as the time displayed on my monitor. It's impossible to alter it. After a couple of months, the app stopped working for me. The picture quality is excellent, except for that.

The app is mostly inoperable. Initialy, the device was unable to connect. To fix this issue, you had to log in using monitor. This issue was fixed by an updated firmware. Since the last few months, push notification buttons won't function anymore. Even though the device says that it has saved photo and video, it won't let them save it. The customer service is absolutely useless. Disappointed.

The price was very reasonable. However, the grid detection area of one of four cameras (and that's not actually the camera but the port) does not work so we had to switch the alarm off for this camera. There are other bugs, but you won't get faultless quality if your budget is high. They attract spiders, which is the last complaint.

While cameras are great, every software component that is associated with the setup is garbage. The Panic button is just 3 clicks away. You can't even see your feed when you trigger the alarm. Slower than NVR software, and 4x slower than the phone app. HD feeds can be slow but it is not due to the network. It is most likely an under-powered processor within the nvr. It has been 2 days since I ran it. I have the exact same problems. It only tells me about one user. Push notification, but it freezes playback.

The latest update broke things. The app keeps adding tutk_log files and consuming storage space. The device crashes when it reaches full storage. It didn't happen in the older version.