Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS for PC

Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS for PC

Survive the zombie apocalypse as a sniper: Shoot your way out in this war!

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About Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS For PC

This is a very upsetting game as we cannot move from one location to another. Zombie Frontier 3 has been recommended by Google Play as one of the top survival and action shooting games!

You can't find a better action game than this one on the play store.

Amazing 3d zombie games. Relive 2018 with me, i've been playing this amazing 3d zombie video game since 2018.

The graphics and the game are amazing, but the guns can be a little too expensive. When we beat the boss, we will need to upgrade to a larger and stronger gun. Please see this.

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Very bad. They should have improved their technical errors.

This game is a must-have app for anyone who loves to kill zombies until dawn. It is addictive, and it keeps me playing. You can upgrade your weapon but it will take a long time. The game app designers have done a great job. But you still need to get new weapons. Spend a bit to be bosses. You won't be disappointed if you play this game.

Help me devs! When I clicked on "Restore Data", it didn't bring back the 34k coins I earned over 6 days of hard work. Fix the problem and return my coins. I'll rate this 5 stars. I promise!

Although it is a great game, I don't like the bundles and too many adds.

Major glitch! In the sniping mission. A baseball cap is all you need to kill zombies, I think. And, well, no zombies spawn. You don't even need one. This is a void city. This needs to be fixed. The game is very fast and doesn't require p2w weapons. You can beat most levels quickly with default settings before needing to buy something more expensive, but it gets you through another set of levels. The graphics are okay.

This is a good game, but let me tell you what it's not. After playing for several days, I was hoping to win a gun through the Daily Reward. But on the sixth day, the Daily Reward changed the giveaways to an item that is less needed. 2. Inaccurate. You must kill certain number of zombies in Quest. However, even if it is 40+ you only count 20+. High-end weapons are expensive 4. Avoid being attacked. Give me your free weapon. You can't dodge attacks! I played days for my daily reward

1. IT'S GREAT! There are many guns and glitches. I choose the brown crate over click gold and tap to buy. It's great graphics, and I really like it.

I enjoyed the game. It is an action-zombie game that doesn't have ads. We are waiting for a new version to be released so that I can get it as soon as possible.