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Control your Zmodo connected home products in one easy-to-use app.

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My subscription has stopped recognizing my two cameras and it is now impossible to renew. It was great, but it's not as important now

ZMODO is back at it. The internet isn't working. It is not connecting to my internet. This app is my security system and I trust it to keep me safe. It always works when I need it.

When I receive a notification, there is always a delay. Then when I open my app it tells me that no video has been made for the period.

It was great at the beginning, but I stopped using it after switching my internet provider. It is impossible to connect my cameras and my router to the app. I have tried numerous times but the app doesn't connect to my wifi. Also, i cannot get any camera to connect.

I hate having to enter and reset my passwords all the time! This is my phone. It should log in !!!! My wife is furious when I reset my password for zmodo.

It couldn't get worse than it was in the past 6 months. Both cloud services are now completely dead on both cameras simultaneously. There is no recording of either service, just straight white in the time band. Because cloud services come with two renewal dates, it is not me paying for the service. They are doing something wrong. It's time to throw these cameras out. I can't even see the live view. It used to be a great brand but it is now utter garbage. Cancellation

Recently, my Chrome laptop stopped functioning. I'm curious as to what is causing this problem. This is really frustrating because I can't see my security cameras anymore.

Always had issues with my devices not showing up offline, but I get motion notifications so it is working. It could be my network.

I need an option to minimize the image like YouTube, so I can see it from a corner on my phone while doing other tasks.

App can't see my network. I have both 5Ghz and 2.4GHZ. I was connected to 2.4 but the app claims that I am on 5Ghz. App didn't work at all

This is a very dishonest company. An update was pushed that makes it impossible to view clips. They charged $19.99- 49.99 for the privilege of saving and viewing clips. This feature was included with your device purchase. They are not recommended to me.

Because 2 of the cameras that I had in my house failed after one year, and then never functioned again, 4 cameras are outside. I am looking for another brand.

The complete 2018 system was my purchase. My recordings are now unavailable to me. They are a sham! They don't respect their customers who tried.

They were initially given two stars. However, there was a problem in the time stamp that could not be fixed. They now push an update which crashed both of the cameras that I had updated. Their offices close at 3:00 pm my time. Tech support can take a long time to reach you if they are busy. They claim they offer 24/7 chat, but they do not. All the tech seem to have no idea about it. Zmodo is a scam, do not waste your money..

Horrible!!! The camera is offline for 80%, and you often need to log in again. The app is not updated. Frustrating!