YI IoT for PC

YI IoT for PC

Connects you with family through real-time video and audio anytime and anywhere

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AuthorYI Technologies, Inc.

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About YI IoT For PC

Extremely sensitive To control the camera with your hand, you must be sensitive to the camera's inputs. Camera can make blowing leaves turn. HD is amazing! I wish the light were brighter. It was easy to put together.

*Falta estabilidad de conexvion. *La opcion "Motion Tracking" solo hace girar la camara a la derecha o izquierda pero no se mueve arriba o abajo, la cual no sigue al objeto en movimiento. *Le falta todas las caracteristica de ICSEE APP. *Cuando veo un video en la notificacion y termina me sale un mensaje para "ver video completo" pero me manda a otro video que no corresponde a la fecha y hora de la notificacion.

Works but no desktop app. Pan and tilt control SUCKS, and the screen will keep returning to face you. Instructions to wait = ZERO

Camera is about six inches from the side of the house. It is completely useless. Software or firmware improvements are needed. It's a great idea, but it doesn't work as intended.

I couldn't locate a quick way to cancel my free trial. It took me over an hour to try to cancel. It isn't worth the $40 cost.

There are four cameras, but only one will return and it replays from the cloud. It keeps saying that there is a problem.

This guide will walk you through setting up the camera and allows you to view the feeds. However, it has some major problems that could be fixed by minor software changes. 1) Motion detection can still be sensitive at low settings. To be fully functional, you will need at least two lower settings for sensitivity. It can be set off by a leaf moving, or even a bug. 2) Notifications come in irregularly, often several hours later than the event. Sometimes it floods the notifications without any reason. 2) You can't jump to the next record.

You will now need to purchase the cloud service, even though your camera records 24/7. To make it more difficult for you to access your camera's functions, they have made it mandatory that you purchase a cloud service. You can do yourself a favor and find an alternate app, or a color a different camera that allows you to use your camera.

Two cameras were purchased a few months back. They worked well until recently when I decided to buy cloud service. Every time I attempt to view the alerts, it crashes. It also consumes quite a bit of power.

It's very easy to install. It is not compatible with 5g. You must have a Hotspot, 2.4 WiFi connection or a memory card. Excellent product. As described. This camera has motion-following and alarm functions. This camera is highly recommended

Junk. It works as junk. You will be pressed to purchase a ridiculously costly cloud plan. They may even punish you for using SD cards and/or opting-out of the crazy, paid plans. Cameras can also be cheap, and not all of them work that well. You can save money by buying a quality brand name camera such as Ring, blink, or sengled. It is well worth the money, and it will help you save money over time.

The whole thing is just a scam to try to get you to buy $100 worth of web space. This is China. I won't send any information to China.

I just installed my third camera. The fourth will be installed next week. Piece of mind is not a cost. Knowing that my family is always safe is priceless.

Inability to activate. I was not able to receive a code by email. I need help setting up an account. My life app doesn't work.

It's been working so far. I started the standard trial.