Xfinity Stream for PC

Xfinity Stream for PC

Only Xfinity gives you more to stream on any screen.

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BUGGY. Waiting for the loading of things. It will lag when you scroll through channels and menus. Casting is nearly impossible. You keep getting the "Something went wrong" message. Casting should be done at least 30 minutes before the show begins.

UPDATE! It isn't working. I get a message saying to check your connection. When I do that, it shows me my connection is great, but won't allow me to sign in...UPSET! !-------It is like carrying my OnDemand wherever I go. However, it says I need to connect to my home network in order to view live TV. But if my network is connected to my home network I can watch my TV.

I cancelled my cable because of this garbage in 2022. CNN kept freezing on several Android devices, and CNN was the only thing that I watched. The issue was not resolved after hours of troubleshooting and a $100 tech visit. I decided to get FrndlyTV and Sling TV instead. They are great and I don't have to pay for 15 channels of home shopping and 10 channels of religious broadcasting. This made it possible for me to seriously explore other options.

What about widescreen view? I feel taken advantage of. I would like to see better controls for vcr. Amazon Prime is so much better.

My Chromebook keeps giving me the "License Issue 7005" error when I attempt to stream. After I checked that I was signed in to my wifi at home, I went back and signed out, changed the HD setting to SD. Nothing worked. It's a complete mess!

The only thing that I wish they could add is the ability for me to view trailers. Otherwise, I would have given it 5 stars. It won't let me sign in to the app or recongise it on my Samsung galaxy S21+ ultra. I was able to watch shows from my phone at all times, both home and abroad. There were no issues until the upgrade. Please go back to the way it was before this update made things worse for users.

The whole thing seems a little silly. It could also be possible that Comcast is trying to hide the fact that their cable services are too costly.

It works intermittently. It only works when it is asked. The TV cannot refuse to turn on a Disney film, so it must be able to function when you are watching a football match.

Horrible. It is horrible. They are another billion-dollar company that scams their customers.

It erases everything I had planned to record and then stops recording my stuff. It suddenly appears the next day, but it's too late to save those that I have previously. It has been going downhill since that update.

Total garbage says to connect to my home WiFi, which I did. It still shows me 2111 error 3 problems on some channels. Although I'd change my provider if possible, Comcast has it so set that no one in my local area can access an alternate streaming service.

You can't access most live channels unless your network is connected to the internet. This app is not necessary at my home. This app is essential for me when I am not home. It's basically useless. It's slow and useless even after two years. It's good that Google Fiber is now available in my area.

The picture keeps freezing. It's extremely annoying. It's not me or my other apps, it's just the internet. This has been a problem since years, according to the Xfinity forum. There is no way around it. This is due to low quality software.

Sign in - Okay, I have signed in. App refreshes. Sign in again. The app is rubbish, it doesn't work.

Yep! Upgrades are so easy! This version is not for you. The logo is all I need. It was a great logo. It's so sad.