WorldRemit Money Transfer for PC

WorldRemit Money Transfer for PC

Instant money transfers to over 140 countries. Low cost, secure and convenient

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I transferred money but could not access my account at the moment. I lost over $20, and they retransferred my money. They refused to pay me back.

I urgently need a response from customer service. The money was deducted from my account. However, I can view it in my status. Thank you for your response. The case is currently under review and we await confirmation. It would be great if there was a way to contact customers directly. It is the best money transfer app I have found.

Transactions are not something I'll mention much, as I am quite satisfied with your service. However, for the app I would suggest that you add a notification/message-bar...

Thank you worldremit team.

Completely disappointed. I created an account, and then created a transaction. However, the amount was deducted from my bank account. But no transaction has been created. I also sent him proof of the amount that was deducted from mine account.

Is it really possible to chat or call you, but not in this way? This is how you offer service. Is it because you are so difficult to find?

It is a waste of time. Terrible service. There is no one you can talk to about a problem, except that AI. It is not recommended for money transfers that are urgent. It is terrible and I don't know when my money will be returned. All social media platforms have received late replies.

New app !!!!! terrible It was so easy to use the older version and it worked well. It is confusing and difficult to use the new version. My bank card is no longer stored. I have to do it all again. !

This app is great. However, you will need a USD-only bank account for certain countries like Nigeria. Cash pick-up or deposit. Also, make sure to send 30% more money for bank fees. They lost more than a thousand dollars, but that's not the problem.

I am pissed off because someone has taken $1000.00 from my account. It feels as if someone is trying to push it on other people

Great service. It was easy to sign up on the site and the money would be sent to an ATM in South Africa. Excellent fees and exchange rates. Barclays used to charge PS48 for sending funds. WorldRemit charges PS3.99. This is a no brainer!

This app and company deserve zero stars. My account is having issues that can't be resolved with the help provided in the FAQs, or via phone. Customers who have transaction or case numbers are only able to contact customer service by telephone. I cannot get a case number to solve my problem. Customer service email has been deleted. You can only reply to the message stating that it's no longer possible. It is extremely frustrating.

Update: Still no communication regarding my registration. This is my first time using the site. I cannot register and continue to say "try later". Please, I've emailed you and hope that someone contacts me. Thank you.

The app is easy to use, but after the recent update, it won't let me send topup any more.

World remit cancelled my transactions for no apparent reason. There was no explanation. I thought I was doing something wrong, even though three transactions had worked fine before. In one case, the recipient didn't receive the airtime top-up, and the transaction was cancelled. I thanked the receiver for trying, but each time it happened the money was taken out and the transaction was cancelled.