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Workday for PC

The Workday app provides mobile access to Workday's enterprise cloud application

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AuthorWorkday, Inc.

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About Workday For PC

It's great that you can track your hours. It also allows you to set your time and more. I have never seen an app like it.

Fixed a bug in the app that forced it to close. This happens every time I click on the Team Calendar and click on any day.

Every update introduces a new problem. You can't view the time of week or clock in and out. Multiple times uninstalled the app and all problems resolved after reinstallation. This shouldn't be necessary. This app is required at work for me.

Although it's fine, I have noticed some problems. 1) There is no "remember me” checkbox. Every time I log in, I am logged out. 2) You can't request time off for the entire day. It is necessary to indicate the number of hours each day. You can set it up to the minute and it will tell you that it must be "whole numbers".

A while ago, my company moved from Trinet to Workday. Trinet was easy to use, user-friendly, and had no issues. The opposite is true for Workday. Workday asked me for my password change 4 times and locked me out 2 more times. Trinet allowed me to easily view my hours. This and almost everything else at Workday are problematic. Workday is a horrible company. !

It's so much easier to locate and navigate it. It's great news for older workers, who may not be very tech-savvy.

Although I don't like the workday in general, it makes me uncomfortable looking at time sheets. It is also difficult to read detailed information because it can be confusing and hard to find what you are looking for.

90% of the times I cannot use this app on my smartphone. The app is up-to-date and it only says connection error every time. Fix it on Samsung

This is the worst time-tracking app that I've ever tried. It feels like you are using something from 2010. It's slow and clunky. For example, Fridays can take several hours to update the time entries. It can take up to 24 hours to resolve an issue.

My company adopted a garbage system. Because of the rigidity of our workdays, we had to modify existing policies within our company.

It is extremely resourceful. This app is extremely user-friendly and allows you to update your entire employment data very quickly.

When I attempt to log in, all I get are the following 403. This is an error. This is an error. It's extremely annoying and frustrating! !

Oh my god. This is the most horrible app I have ever used. This app ...... is terrible. Edit: It's true.

The app is ridiculous. Logging in to it is hard because you are constantly asked to update your password and change your access information. It serves no purpose. It's a hassle to setup, use, and maintain. I give it a 1 star rating

This app is in need of more improvement. I have not been able to clock in in the last few days. It should be easy to clock in or out. Today I was able to get lunch and a meal from the app. It is a terrible app. This app is a complete sham.