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Now it's easier than ever to order, pay and earn delicious rewards.

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Although I like Wawa, the app does not help. Tried to use mobile to pay for gas, but all cards i attempted to add/use and Google Pay would not allow me to do so.

When I go to the station to buy gas, the app says that I am 0.3 miles from the store. I tried walking around to verify this but it said it was not there. The app must be fixed. It will never allow me to purchase fuel to save 15 cents.

My birthday reward didn't stay with me for long so I am disappointed. Had planned to redeem my birthday reward and get a free drink, but the rewards expired so I am gonna eat elsewhere. I wish there were sheets.

It takes a long time to load the app, regardless of whether I am connected to wifi or full signal. The app also has a tendency to crash a lot, so I had to shut it down and then reopen it again to make it work properly. This app is a lot of trouble.

This app is great and I would give 5 stars. However, it takes 2022 to load and the app should be loaded much faster. It's especially frustrating when you are in the store and ready to use it. It should automatically go to the payment screen and not order.

You get horrible rewards Spend $50 to get $2.50 off your next purchase. Are there any free sandwich or drink like dunkin and quick check?

The items on the swipe left to view more bars aren't moving towards the left when I try to order food. Instead, the entire page turns and the next section appears. It is very frustrating to not be able to find what you are looking for on the screen. Is there any way to help? You will likely receive an uninstall only if you do not Uninstall/Reinstall.

When I try to launch the app, it doesn't matter if I use wi-fi and mobile data. All I get is the 12 oz. Photo of coffee cup. Coffee cup photo.

1. It's a bit annoying that you can't enter receipts after making a purchase if your reward card isn't scanned at the register. 2. Point #1: I would like the cashiers to ask you scan your reward card. They should have to tell you. The last thing I have is my complaint that they shouldn't make it a condition of getting what they want.

This is the slowest application ever. It has almost stopped working. I'm not sure what went wrong. My phone locks when I try to open it to redeem rewards before I go in line. I then have to wait until the bird comes back and get the rewards coupon again. This worked for a while. You are also required to use GPS when placing orders. However, it can take forever to locate stores in the area. This worked much better when there was an option to use GPS (which I did not use).

It is so slow. Sometimes it takes several minutes to load your rewards card. If it does not time out or you shut down the screen it will reload. What is the point of an app that can be used by a large company?

Wawas are always a fun place to go. I always get coffee, or cold drinks when I eat. I buy tabacco NEWPORTS because it saves me money.

Please let me know if you are interested in a part-time job. I'm available. I can work part time for 20 hours per week. My name is Susana Valdes.

It is extremely slow. You will need to wait a while to log in to the app and then you can use your reward cards at the register.

When you hire security, there is always the possibility of being robbed by teens and adults who steal cups and ice. Why should honest people pay for their products if other people get away with it all the time?