Watch NFL Network for PC

Watch NFL Network for PC

Watch NFL Network programming and NFL RedZone* live on your phone and tablets!

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Signed up for a 7-day trial and tried to cancel. However, you cannot cancel a phone on your cell. You must use a computer to cancel the phone. I don't have one or have access to it. They took my money. The failed to load bootstrap configuration error means that it doesn't work. You are probably accessing from an area that is not NFL-covered. I'M IN OHIO If you cannot cancel your phone, they will not allow you to sign up for a cell phone.

*The "No F**kin Logic Network". - You want us to spend $$ on Football, but you've got such terrible reviews that you won't respond to ??!!! *

It never worked. The free trial was for a week and the app never allowed me to connect to any game. The app would not let me cancel the purchase. After being charged the full price for the app, I attempted to contact them to request a refund. However, that email claimed 505 users were not found. Their website keeps crashing and refusing to give me my refund. Set up trash. We are not happy.

To view any live game, you must have cable. This defeats the purpose of online watching.

The app is a complete sham. You can't watch Sun-Month and Thurs nights football for free. You will need to download NFL Plus and pay for a subscription in order to view the games. You're not welcome!

You will still need cable in order to access ESPN+. When I'm trying to reduce the cost of cable, why would I have to pay for either?

It's a useless app. The only channel/app that will allow you to try to see the NFL match in London today is Sling. It was fine. I used my Sling login and it only said "game is live". There wasn't any way to view the game. Football is what people want! It's not that difficult.

If you wish to broadcast games directly from your smartphone to your television, don't spend money on Nfl+. Unfortunately, they don't have all the capabilities to allow you to cast games from your phone directly onto your TV.

It won't work without a cable subscription, so paying $5 per month to watch mobile TV or stream on TV is a waste.

At the beginning of preseason, I had already paid for NFL+. When I accessed the NFL+ section for the final week, the site asked me if it would allow me to begin my trial, even though I had been signed up all the time. It is sometimes glitchy and won't allow me to stream certain games. I cannot stream them on my tablet or mobile phone. The games are viewed on my smartphone.

It's a terrible service. You need to subscribe. It's not worth it. Even after the monthly subscription, you will still have to pay for TV services provider that can be viewed on your iPad and tablet. It will show you some things, but it is only available on your mobile phone.

I'm not being serious. The app was downloaded. To use the app, you must register. OK. BUT WAIT! As part of your registration requirements, you will need to give us your birthday. ??!!ARE YOU REALLY SERIOUSLY KIDING ME? It's not possible to type in your birthday. You must use the app’s calendar, which starts TODAY. Then, SCROLL BACK THROUGH TIME to get to your birth date and year. WTH. What is this ??!!? It is possible that I will decide to go back for a third time, or cancel. The game will end when I have it entered

When trying to view it on roku, error 403 keeps popping up. This is the worst app ever.

They charged me $4.99 to make a screensaver of a dam. The app won't open because I am mad. I'M CHARGED.

It's my first experience with the NFL Network and NFL Redzone. I absolutely love it. It is the best way to watch football. It is amazing to see the game during scoring drives, and the way that the transitions are done.