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Wansview Cloud for PC

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AuthorAjcloud Labs Inc.

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About Wansview Cloud For PC

Cameras won't work if you don't have a microphone. This app and cameras are terrible. !

App doesn't connect with my phone so I need to return the security camera I just purchased.

It works flawlessly on my iOS! But I have tried it on Android, but I cannot get it to work. It keeps saying that the program has stopped working

The app isn't working when I try to open it. It's being crashed again. I have to clear all cache and sign it over again.

Cameras work almost all the time. This app can be frustrating. It is difficult to open and access my cameras. The camera feed is closed about three times before it can be viewed. It is so slow to open once it does. This drives me crazy. I wish that they did something. Sometimes it is difficult to restart my cameras if they suddenly go offline. It takes me several attempts to update my cameras, even with strong internet connections.

It's a stable and enjoyable app. It can only be added to Google Play and iPhone stores. If your tablet or phone is old, it could cause problems if it needs to be repaired. I was able log in to the Google Play Store on my Desktop, and it installed it again for me. Without it, I'd have been dead. It works well on the desktop and you can use Agent DVR to access it as well.

It was only for dates nights. This would not be smart for home security. It's easy to setup and fun to use.

Excellent camera that allows you to control ptz from your smartphone. Although I can't get the ptz to work in agentdvr, this app does have all of my needs. You can have multiple accounts for different Android devices. Windows App also available. All these features are great: motion capture, timeline view, remote viewing, and the ability to see from your phone remotely, among others.

Stop working for Alexa. It's now expensive to collect trash. This company no longer sells products. All Wyze cameras are now working flawlessly.

Fraudulent cancellation process. I have signed up for a trial of the cloud subscription and there are no options to cancel. I sent numerous emails to Ajcloud with no response. If you don't want to pay this monthly, avoid the cloud subscription.

It is very frustrating. Never have I ever logged in to my camera to immediately connect. It won't connect so I have to exit and then go back in. Even at high settings, the volume is extremely low when talking through the camera. When talking with my child, I have to constantly repeat myself.

Amazon recommended that I buy two cameras. At first, it worked well. But then the screen changed color. The other camera looks fine.

It's easy to use. They are reliable and I have multiple cameras. Their older model, the Q3S, worked well with their cloud app. It was stable, connected to my home for many years, and never stopped working. The camera still works today, however, I upgraded to Wansview Cloud and their cameras. They have a great product and the app works well. It has some bugs, and could use some improvements. However it's still a great product considering their camera price and their SD card support.

Recently, it has become very unreliable and problematic. Cameras are constantly disconnected and will not come back on unless you unplug it and plug in again. Also, the recording times seem to be extremely short. It can take up to 10 seconds. Even though there is still motion.

The app is a complete waste of time. It won't connect for longer than 10 seconds. You will need to shut down the app and restart it. You will need to restart the camera every day.