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Vidman show you the most popular movies and cinema nearby.

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Apart from the annoying ads that appear every few minutes, this app is great. Premium can also be purchased. You can find a variety of great new movies. Just watched Venom. This app is already a favorite of mine.

Just paid to renew my subscription and the app that pops up instead of the [MOVIE] application I used before is now a dumb app. You click on the picture and it will take you to another page with these puzzles and the music. Three times I sent feedback to inquire about where my original account was. No response. I have paid nothing. I will be requesting a refund through PAYPAL because the product is not what it was supposed to be. Excellent Customer Service

This is what I'll do for you. When you open apps, clear your cache and data. If the build of an app is broken, you will not have any problems. If the app is working, clear your cache and data. You may find your phone runs faster. Uninstall any apps that you don't use. Your phone will run faster. It's possible for Android. Have fun and clear space. This app is great!

What happened to my app? It changed from streaming free movies to jigsaws .??? This app has been my companion for nearly a year. Now, everything seems to have disappeared.

The app is amazing! Although I was able to upgrade, the app keeps telling me it isn't working. Is there a way to get this fixed?

Although I think this app could be useful at times, I find it annoying that there are so many advertisements and no subtitles for some animes. Other than this I am able to enjoy great movies and shows when I can.

You all listen, im not a bot. But there aren't any ads for me. Yall go insane saying it's too much. I also watched some shippuden before I bought Hulu. I downloaded it then deleted it. I thought it was goyok but now it's vidmqn. Overall it's a great free app that offers cheap movies at a low price.

My subscription is not available, but I am unable to cast to my TV. I'm not happy with it. I can view on my smartphone which isn't what I want.

This app is my favorite movie app. All you need to do to watch the movie is to search for it.

I chose to give it three stars as there is too many advertisements, but good TV shows. It was not possible to watch any content when I first downloaded the app, but it now allows me to.

It's great to see that there aren't many ads, but could you add an indicator that indicates when they pop up such as how many ads per movie or episode? That would be amazing.

Premium is the best! It was free, but I couldn't get past the annoying ads. It was great that I paid for the whole year.

It was fine before you could have a 30-second commercial every 10 minutes. They last for a minute and sometimes play while the film is still running.

Vidman has been my service for a few months. When I decided to switch to paying for the whole year, it refused me monthly payments. It required me to pay the monthly fee. Vidman made a payment on 12/1/2021, but the device has not been restored. I still see all of their ads. I was basically robbed. They are rated a -3

This site is terrible. You are constantly interrupted by ads and have to exit the app every time you want to watch the program. This is what makes your ratings so low. It makes people say "f..k" and switch to another subscriber. Imagine if you were watching TV and saw an advertisement every six to eight minutes. Then, it took you several minutes to find the ad again.