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Hopeless. The program kept reverting to the USA as my current location. It changed my location and found businesses in Australia, but it then just went back to America.

Vagaro has been my go-to app for booking online since I was a teenager. However, this app is horrible. Why does the app show a "women’s haircut" salon when I search for "hair salons", but not a place that can do both women and dogs? Useless.

Will not allow me to update my address. It says it's not recognized by their system, but I chose it from the address listing that appeared as suggested after I entered my address. It has been tried several times. It took me too much time to get on the phone and I'm now ready to give up. It's so annoying.

Avoid this company at all costs !!!! They have been a nuisance for 2 years and they are now gone. I am not recommending them to anyone. You will not receive your deposit back and you won't get any customer service! The service representative said that they could not complete your deposits and would be pulling my business. (Rob A. was the manager). "I may get my batch tomorrow." Wow

This app used to be one of the most popular. It is now the worst app. The client profiles keep getting loaded up and it takes forever to view them. The credit card fees are higher so we can't swipe it. Because of this, I end up paying a lot of money for processing credit cards. There are too many problems, so I'm looking for another company. It's so sad

Her amazing service is truly appreciated by me. She is very professional and knows her stuff. She is someone I recommend to everyone I know.

It changes my current location every time I perform a search. If I change my location back it gives me an error. Yes, I have my location on.

Vagaro is my favorite product! It was recommended by my nail salon, and I began using it. The app is easy to use, and it has helped me find other businesses that I love.

It would be great if it could share apps. You can also make an appointment for me and my friend. It's an excellent app overall.

It works great. I love the livestream search and the ability to reschedule. It also makes it easy for me to find classes anywhere. The app has so far shown no lag, which is awesome!

Signing up for the app caused my credit card to be hacked! If I had to, I'd give it zero stars! Fraud alert! ?

This app is not working for me. 1) I cancel an appointment 2) Someone else fills my appointment slot 3) The provider refuses to give me a new date, which Vagaro permits 4) Now I have no appointment. All slots available within the next week are now booked ******The original appointment must not be cancelled until the noon appointment has been approved. ***** ,

It is absolutely horrible. The map doesn't load at all and search results don't appear even though I know the exact business name. This needs some serious work.

This app is great for professionals. You can book services from anywhere without having to interrupt your workday. This app is great.

Vagaro can't be used most of the times. You can't load businesses that haven't been bookmarked. When you try to book from businesses that it actually loads, the screen is blank. It is completely useless. It is a shame, as it makes doing business extremely difficult for many. If I could, I'd switch to another provider. However, most businesses use the same one.