UTK.io for Minecraft PE for PC

UTK.io for Minecraft PE for PC

Textures and Skin Creator for Minecraft + download Maps, Mods, Skins and more!

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AuthorUTK.io Team
Version1.1 beta3

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About UTK.io for Minecraft PE For PC

This was a great texture-pack maker app in the past. It's now completely outdated. Please update it to support 1.19 or future updates.

This is the worst. If you are doing your birday, it's ok. However, a kick in the rear if you visit the app and say sorry that you didn't fulfill request.

It's a good game, but needs some updating. For blocks you can see in your invintory what you did to them. But when you put them down they look normal.

You can have Minecraft. I have the right email.

I love it! Been using it since 2004. BUT, IT DOES NOT LIETEN TO MY SKIN. I WOULD HAVE BEEN RATING THESE 5.

This app is amazing! It's great! I am a YouTuber and play Minecraft. However, I have trouble finding skins that are related to mine. With this app, I was able to create my skin. I also love that it allows you to make your own texture packs. This app is great! Don't hesitate to get this app if you are reading this. Although it may have ads, this app is still a great one and very easy to use. !

It works great! But, can it be updated to include netherite armor in the armor editor? Also, can it update the app to add sculk?

The app works well but it can sometimes be a bit slow. I just uploaded the [Sandy Summertime] Map to MediaFire. This is because it can't upload any other map than Minecraft. There is also a comment from (ySr_alex). Please tell me how you do it. I am able to work with ZArchiver but not with files. I signed up 1 year ago and had no issues. Created:7/7/21 Updated:9/24/22

This app is amazing. However, the beds file doesn't allow me to edit. I'd appreciate it if you fixed that.

You guys are back. Here's the deal.. Add a zoom to your texture pack. Don't add any buttons. The zoom button is already bad. It only zooms once. Now I can't re-texture the fire. I'm serious.. You are having people delete your game because it contains ads. Add a 1.19 texture pack to the file and some Netherite armor.

This app is terrible. It doesn't allow you to save a map.

This app is great, it really helps me to realize a pvp textures pack in my YouTube channel.

The app is great, however, when i click "Apply to Minecraft" and log in to my game, it doesn't recognize the texture.

I love this app! I was able to create my own texture packs and with Isopix I learned how to modify other things. It is a very unique app.

This app is great, but it's out-of-date. I have used this app since a while. The app needs a major overhaul and relaunch. This app's texture creator has a lot of potential, but it is out-of-date and sometimes difficult to use. It also needs some additional features. The app could be one of the most popular Bedrock apps for mobile, but it needs some major updates. It needs to be updated quickly before the app gets forgotten. It would be an easy and effective way to start.